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    • 2022년
      제목 Does the Ownership of Domestic and Foreign State Affect Asymmetric Cost Behavior?
      저자 Heeju Hwang (Korea Development Institut), Hyesoo Ko (KAIST),
      Hosung Son (Hoseo University)
      제목 Managerial Ability and Growth by Internal Intangible Assets
      저자 Jinbae Kim (Korea University), Kwangjoo Koo (Kyungpook National University),
      Shin Hyoung Kwon (Hanyang University)
      제목 Engagement partners' co-working experience and audit quality: Groupthink, smooth communication or both?
      저자 Hyonok Kim (Tokyo Keizai University), Katsushi Suzuki (Hitotsubashi University),
      Tomomi Takada (Kobe University)
      제목 Auditors’ Workload and Audit Quality under Audit Hour Budget Pressure: Evidence from the Korean Audit Market
      저자 Seokyoun Hwang (The City University of New York),
      Keejae Hong (Central Michigan University)
    • 2021년
      제목 Wikipedia Articles and Post-Earnings Announcement Drift
      저자 Bok Baik (Seoul National University), Soo Jeong Hong (Pepperdine University)
      Alex Gunwoo Kim (Seoul National University), Kwangjin Lee (Pepperdine University)
      제목 Analyzing Active Managers’ Commitment to ESG: Evidence from United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment
      저자 Soohun Kim (KAIST), Aaron S. Yoon (Northwestern University)
      제목 Does Procedural Justice in a Tax Audit Situation Affect the Decisions of Tax Advisors?
      저자 Soo-A Shim (University of Seoul), Tae Sup Shim (University of Seoul)
    • 2020년
      제목 Auditors’ Quality Control Efforts and Independence: Evidence from Korean Audit Market
      저자 Seokyoun Hwang (The City University of New York), Bharat Sarath (Rutgers University, New Brunswick), Seung-youb Han (Hongik University)
      제목 Internet Penetration and Accrual-Based Earnings Management: International Evidence
      저자 Tony Kang (University of Nebraska - Lincoln), Sang Ho Lee (Korea Capital Market Institute), Ji Yeon Ryu (Korea University), Yong Keun Yoo (Korea University)
      제목 Do Product Market Threats Affect Non-GAAP Reporting Quality?
      저자 Robert Kim (University of Massachusetts Boston), Sangwan Kim (University of Massachusetts Boston), Jay Junghun Lee (University of Massachusetts Boston), Hyunkwon Cho (Sungkyunkwan University)